...It was a painstaking process to treat him, giving him tube feeding of locally made malnutrition feeds, several courses of antibiotics and careful daily dressing and cleaning of his burns. Soon the family ran out of money, not only the few pence to buy the antibiotics, but to buy food to feed themselves. But everyone in the hospital chipped in to help pay for his drugs, his feeds, and food for his grandmother, the only family member who remained, and refused to give up on him. Volunteers, local doctors, local nurses, all contributed with food and money. So many times we doubted whether he would make it. However, the resolve and love from his grandmother moved us all and really gave us the drive to continue. Then, after 4 weeks of painstaking care and attention the infections cleared, he began putting on weight and the burns started to heal. On the 5th week all the staff on the ward were so happy- it was the first time we had seen him smile. And on the 6th week, he started trying to walk. Shortly after that he went home, well, happy, and laughing, tied snugly to his wonderful grandmother's back. I have to admit - there were tears from several of us that day!

Sion Williams - Maternal Health Scheme Doctor

I have to admit- there were tears from several of us that day!