Our mission statement...

Mission Morogoro is a small charity which is dedicated to promoting the health and economic well-being of those living within the areas served by Berega and Tunguli which are set within the Morogoro area of Tanzania . Therefore, the focus of its fund raising is to benefit the work of Berega Hospital and, more specifically, its rural satellite clinic in the Tunguli area and the lives of those living within the area served by the clinic.

MISSION MOROGORO will seek to discharge this significant responsibility by working closely with both administrative and medical staff in order to give priority to those changes and improvements which will most benefit those with the most urgent medical needs. The support of mothers during pregnancy and labour and the care and nurture of the vulnerable newly born would be an example of this.

Although money raised by MISSION MOROGORO will be channelled to those medical projects which are dedicated directly to the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of health and well - being, money will also be made available for purposes which indirectly support this aim and objective. The improvement of water supply and storage, lighting, the provision of vital equipment and improvements to clinic and hospital buildings are examples of this, as are economic initiatives which improve daily life and life choices

MISSION MOROGORO will seek, where appropriate, to collaborate with other charities and organisations to deliver shared aims and objectives.

Finally, since Berega Hospital and Tunguli Clinic are the overall responsibility of the Church within the Tanzanian health care system, MISSION MOROGORO will undertake to keep in regular contact with the appropriate Church agencies, in particular the Bishop and Diocese of Morogoro to ensure common objectives.