First rope pump

The first water pump is installed and working! There will be four more pumps in this initial stage at existing wells around Tunguli and Msamvu villages. It is a Rope Pump, which employs simple but effective technology to lift the water. This type of pump is becoming very popular in Africa being relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and simple to maintain and repair.

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The villagers were fully involved in its installation and were supported by an experienced technician provided by SAWA. The training included installation, maintenance and repair and gave the villagers the skills and knowledge to ensure that the pump works effectively over a long period. During this work the well was cleaned and covered with a concrete cap both to avoid further pollution and to create a hygienic area around the pump. The pump is located at Mjuwini Hamlet and the pictures show the well before and after the installation. Feedback has been very positive and there is great anticipation of the next pumps, which will be installed soon. Come back for updates.