The opportunity to take up an invitation from Isaac Mgego for a group from Worcestershire to visit Berega in 2012 was one that I remember as both exciting and yet daunting at the same time.  I had never travelled to the ‘real’ Africa, so had no picture of what life would be like in the rural community we were visiting, but my decision to join the group in making that journey was one that I will never regret.  It totally changed my view of the world.
Our journey – an adventure in itself - opened my eyes to the realities of a people who are not blessed with any of the resources available to us at home and which we take for granted every day.  The daily challenges facing Isaac, as Hospital Director,  in providing staff, basic medication, equipment and support for the hospital and surrounding clinics, are endless.  We were able to see for ourselves how he works tirelessly, with total dedication, in his efforts to provide the very best he can with the very limited resources he has available.  
On that visit I saw for myself the reality of life for thousands of people living in the areas surrounding Berega Hospital and experienced at the same time amazing warmth and hospitality from the Tanzanian people.  Realising that these people face infant and maternal death, as well as other life threatening conditions, on a daily basis, made me determined to be involved in any venture that might improve conditions for them, however small my personal contribution might be.  Mission Morogoro evolved naturally and inevitably out of that visit in 2012, and what has been achieved in the past two years has been enormously satisfying.  What continues to be needed, however, brings many challenges but is also very exciting.  I look forward to the future in my role as a Trustee with Mission Morogoro and to working in partnership with our friends in Tanzania for many years to come.  There is one thing that Isaac is always reminding us of – that the value of our friendship and moral support is immeasurable and gives him strength to face the enduring challenges of his work day by day.  Long may that be so.