Solar Lighting

There is no mains electricity supply to Tunguli, and the Health Centre does not presently have a generator to produce power.  Until now there has been almost no lighting, apart from a small number of kerosene lamps, making treatment of patients during the hours of darkness extremely difficult.

During February 2013 we were able to fund the provision and installation of a solar powered lighting system to key parts of the Health Centre.  These included Wards 1 & 2, the Labour Ward and the Laboratory.  In line with our goal of always providing sustainable solutions, the solar powered system is low maintenance, environmentally friendly and has extremely low running costs.

Old wiring before project

Previously had only oil lamps

Tunguli ward lighting installed

A roof-mounted solar panel

The system consists of solar roof panels, storage batteries and all necessary wiring, controls and fittings. 

Feedback from staff and patients has been extremely positive. 

Isaac Mgego, Hospital Director, told us

“People now are confident on the service delivery, due to having light at the centre. The light is attracting people to be served at the centre which serves many people in the catchment area. The nearest hospital from Tunguli is Berega having almost 50kms away”.

Over time it is our aim to extend this programme to all areas of the hospital including staff houses.  Improving staff living conditions is an important factor in staff retention, especially in such a remote area, and patients benefit too in the long run.

The total cost of this project was Tsh 4.6M (£1,700), which we believe represents excellent value for money.  This relatively modest sum has made a major difference to the quality of care provided at the Health Centre and will continue to do so for years to come.