Frequently asked Questions

How much of donated money is actually spent on projects?

All donated funds are spent on projects in Tunguli. The trustees cover all administration costs and trips to Tunguli are fully funded by those travelling.

How do you monitor your projects?

MM trustees aim to visit at least once a year. In 2018 two groups will be making separate visits. We fund a simple internet connection in Tunguli which allows us to keep in touch with projects and monitor progress remotely. We have contacts at the Health Centre in Tunguli who are very reliable and provide regular reports.

Is Mission Morogoro a part of the Diocese of Worcester?

No, we are an independent, registered charity (Charities Commission registration number 1152814). However, we do have an excellent working relationship with many partners and the Diocese of Worcester is one of those. We are grateful for all the support we receive including that from churches in the Diocese, particularly from the benefices of Wychebrook and Bowbrook.