Update September 2015

The laboratory at the Health Centre in Tunguli is a key facility. It’s main role is in testing blood and other patient samples to aid in the diagnosis of disease and sickness. This means it must be as clean as possible and have the equipment required to conduct basic tests. We are pleased to report that much progress has been made over recent months to transform the condition and facilities at the laboratory. Before this work the lab had no running water, poor lighting and little clean work surface and flooring.

This project has provided:

  • Clean working conditions with a tiled floor and polished concrete work surface with sink

  • Dedicated rainwater storage tank connect to a tap at the sink

  • Improved solar lighting allowing extended working hours

  • A new more powerful microscope

  • A new multi-sample, centrifuge

Mission Morogoro is grateful for the support of the Rotary Club of North Worcestershire, whose financial support has made this work possible.