I’m the Trustee that started it all! It’s not that I set out to create a new charity……just that one thing led to another as they do…..so here is the story….Berega Hospital and Tunguli Clinic are really blessed in having The Revd.Isaac Mgego as their Hospital Director. He is an Anglican priest and so am I. We both met because of a friendship agreement that was signed between his part of the Anglican Church in Morogoro and my part of the Anglican Church in Worcester, U.K. In fact, Isaac came to preach for me in one of my nine churches. In his address he spoke to us about his work at Berega Hospital and the surrounding area, which includes Tunguli Clinic. He painted evocative word pictures of a hospital struggling to care for thousands of people in a remote, inaccessible and yet profoundly beautiful area of Tanzania. In the warmth and comfort of my home on the following day, a few of us reflected with Isaac on his vision for the development of Berega Hospital. Towards the end of the conversation he invited our small group to come and see for ourselves and we did just that !We were all profoundly moved by what we saw, who we met and by the warmth of the hospitality shown to us. Above all, we marvelled at the care and support being provided by so few for so many with little or none of the resources that would be available in a hospital in the United Kingdom.We flew home changed people who were determined to make a difference. Nearly two years later those of us who made this journey of a lifetime have formed ourselves into Trustees of a newly registered charity, which we have named Mission Morogoro.