Excellent progress

We receive regular updates and reports from our excellent partner SAWA and are delighted to say that a great deal has been achieved over recent months. The community has become fully engaged and are recognising the importance and value of the WASH programme. They have been active in providing building materials and labour wherever they can, to support SAWA in building wells, installing pumps and upgrading latrines.


PICs of wells and latrines


Achievements include:

Renovation and improvement of existing wells

4 new wells drilled
Rope pumps installed on 8 previously open wells

Well and pump installed at Kibaoni Secondary School, Msamvu. This well is highly valued by the school and as form 3 student Dorica Kimaleta, 18 years of age, said “This well served us. We had to walk long distance in this mountainous land with a bucket on head it was painful to remember the hardship we endured. We are grateful to you, without your sincere support we could have lived that way until the day we complete our education. After this improvement students have enough time to study and teachers concentrate in classroom works. Lastly we have enough water in our toilets to support on toilet cleaning, classroom and general environment beautification. We have enough water for our dignity and privacy. We thank you beyond the limit, God bless you.”

·     Thorough community-wide survey of latrine provision to provide baseline data for measuring improvement and to understand the extent of OD (Open Defecation).

·     Tunguli Heath Centre staff toilet repaired and recommissioned (Mr Simon shared his excitement and a staff member said “we thanks SAWA for quality work done and also MM for continued support, indeed, before this intervention we were going back home to help ourselves which interrupted our service provision.”

·     Supported completion of Msamvu Village Office toilet.

·     Mobilisation of community to improve/build latrines.

·     Tushikamane women’s groups engaged to strengthen the project.


All of the above are underpinned by the establishment of COWSO (Community Water and Sanitation Organisation) which is a major milestone for the project. COWSO is a statutory body to ensure local ownership and sustainability of the WASH project.


First rope pump

The first water pump is installed and working! There will be four more pumps in this initial stage at existing wells around Tunguli and Msamvu villages. It is a Rope Pump, which employs simple but effective technology to lift the water. This type of pump is becoming very popular in Africa being relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and simple to maintain and repair.

Learn more about rope pumps at http://www.mawama.org/rope-pump

The villagers were fully involved in its installation and were supported by an experienced technician provided by SAWA. The training included installation, maintenance and repair and gave the villagers the skills and knowledge to ensure that the pump works effectively over a long period. During this work the well was cleaned and covered with a concrete cap both to avoid further pollution and to create a hygienic area around the pump. The pump is located at Mjuwini Hamlet and the pictures show the well before and after the installation. Feedback has been very positive and there is great anticipation of the next pumps, which will be installed soon. Come back for updates.

Wash (water sanitation and hygiene)

MM has completed a number of water projects in Tunguli, in particular rainwater harvesting at the Health Centre and both primary and secondary schools. These projects have made a real difference, helping to ease the effects of drought, and are much valued by the local communities. But there remains a wider need for reliable, clean water and effective sanitation. Poor water and sanitation is responsible for many deaths and illnesses, especially of children under five, and there is much more to do in and around Tunguli to improve this situation. Such works are commonly known as WASH (WAter Sanitation & Hygiene) projects and MM is now beginning an ambitious programme to implement these in Tunguli, Msamvu and surrounding hamlets. As always, your continued support is vital. Please return to this page for updates, we will do our best to keep you informed..